Competition – Calling all Illustrators and Graphic Artists!


We would like to encourage you to submit your strip in a three-image plus text format to us at Deadline for the application is the 6th of November 2017. Content of the strip:

1. image. a midwife and a pregnant woman. midwife is checking the fetal heart rate. place: at the woman’s home

2. image. the midwife documenting the findings of her assessment in a pregnancy chart looking up and facing the woman and saying “everything sounds good.”

3. The woman is sitting up, holding her belly and looking at the midwife “thanks for your re-assurance. I feel safe”.

Together with the strip please hand in a description of your

  • motivation
  • international work experience
  • language capacities
  • a track record of previous projects and clients
  • years working in the field including two references
  • hourly rate for first character development
  • rate for one pager once characters are developed

A small committee will select the winner based on both: the team’s preferences and the financial offer.  The winner of this competition will be able to secure a contract for a larger-scale project to develop a comic which is semi-serious and educational in nature, and is to highlight the role of the midwife globally. We are planning to start with the funded project immediately after we have announced the winner one week after the deadline.

About the project the winner is awarded with: Continue reading “Competition – Calling all Illustrators and Graphic Artists!”